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the proposal


This post is way late and long overdue, but a month ago, I GOT ENGAGED!! The month since has been hectic and filled with busy-ness, but I wanted to take the time to share our proposal story with you. Three years after first meeting and dating each other in college, my fiancé, Ernest, and I are getting married!!

Ernest had told me in advance that it would be happening in September, so I had been diligently preparing myself every weekend by making sure my nails were painted, hair done, and makeup flawless. The day before the proposal took place, Ernest told me to be ready by 1:30pm the next day (Saturday), but wouldn't tell me our plans for the day. It wasn't too out of the ordinary, since Ernest had been taking me out on dates every weekend of September in an attempt to throw me off haha. September 17th arrived, and I got ready and met Ernest downstairs. As we were leaving my house, he turned around and took both of my hands in his. I squeaked out "Right now??" and he just calmly replied, "Yup. Right now." At that point, my brain stopped processing everything else he said (it turned out to be a very sweet speech he had worked really hard on to prepare - oops, sorry Ern), and all I could think was, "OH. MY. GOSH. IT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING." By the time he got down on his knee and popped the question, my speaking capabilities had escaped me, and I barely managed to nod and squeak out a "yes" in response. And then he put the most beautiful ring on my finger :)

Thank you so much, Ernest, for being the most wonderful guy I have ever met. From the moment we started dating, you've been the most gentle, humble, caring, gracious, sweetest, and patient boyfriend. Thank you for showing me so much grace when I've been annoying and frustrating, and for your support and encouragement. Thank you for loving the Lord first, and for serving all those around you out of the overflow of that love. Thank you for always pointing me back to the cross and reminding me that in trials and in times of joy, God is always so so good. I can't wait to call you my husband! I love you (:

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